Kids Corner

Supporting Tysons Last Forest is not just for adults.  In our community, kids are active participants too!  Our community’s youth have learned to advocate for what they value — like the trees and stream of Tysons Last Forest.  Even the youngest child can draw pictures, voice her opinion, or even contribute toward a video. Some of the following actions, graphics, messages, and photographs are from children as young as five-years-old.


Community activism can start at any age. Children can raise money, clean up the stream, take beautiful photographs, tell their classmates, make posters, or testify in support of Tysons Last Forest.


She’s pointing to her photograph of Tysons Last Forest.


Our young activists recognize the importance of persuasive graphics. They draw pictures, take photographs, make posters, and create videos in support of Tysons Last Forest.

In the posters below, the students highlight different aspects of Tysons Last Forest, the trees, the stream, and the animal habitat.

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Living nearby means that our elementary students hold some strong opinions about Tysons Last Forest.  They have even developed some creative slogans for social media.







Putting It all Together

Our youth also know how to deliver their message in very persuasive ways, like making this video: