Historic Significance

Ash Grove Historic Site is a 12.3 acre historic site located adjacent to Tysons Last Forest.  Dating to the 18th century, Ash Grove was a Fairfax family property, constructed by Lord Fairfax in 1790.  It was purchased by the Sherman family in the mid 1800’s, then donated to the Fairfax County Park Authority in the 20th century.

According to Fairfax County Park Authority, the Ash Grove Historic Site includes the historic house, two 18th century outbuildings, two acres within the historic core, extensive plantings of boxwood, azalea, and others, as well as the Environmental Quality Corridor of Old Courthouse Spring Branch Stream Valley.

Ash Grove Historic Site — Park Purpose

According to the Fairfax County Park Authority,

The purpose of Ash Grove Historic Site is to … preserve, protect, and restore cultural and natural resources … provide revenue with adaptive reuse of the historic property consistent with preservation of the historic fabric … provide educational and interpretive opportunities that will increase the understanding of the county’s cultural and natural heritage

“Park Purpose” statements are intended to provide an umbrella for planning and decision making. If a proposed use conflicts with any one of the purposes listed, it will be considered an incompatible use. By establishing park purposes, future plans can remain flexible, as legislative requirements and visitor preferences change.

Why is Ash Grove Historic Site important?

According to the Ash Grove Historic Site General Management Plan,

Ash Grove, the house, outbuildings, plantings, and the remaining land are entering a fifth phase .. With the transfer to the Fairfax County Park Authority of two acres around the house and the acreage in the Environmental Quality Corridor, what had been the Northern Neck Proprietary of 5,282,000 acres, with direct ties to Thomas, the sixth Lord Fairfax (for whom the County is named) is now approximately 12 acres. This would seem to be the last chance to protect, preserve, and interpret a rich and tangible connection to our collective past, and to plan for its future.

For more information about the Ash Grove Historic Site, see the Fairfax County Park Authority’s Ash Grove Historic Site General Management Plan.


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